Best Full-Size Polymer Handguns (that aren’t Glocks!)

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 08/25/21

Look, we all love Glocks. They’re the most popular handguns in America for a reason – they’re reliable, affordable, and infinitely moddable. Sometimes, however, you want something different. Maybe it’s because you can’t stand the Glock trigger, or how the grips feel. Maybe you want something a little less expensive, or want to splurge a little. Or maybe you already have a Glock, and are looking to expand outside of the Glock family tree. Whatever the case, here are five great choices in full-sized polymer handguns that you can find right here on Gunprime. 

The Military Issue: The SIG P320


Maybe the best known of the firearms on this list, the Sig P320 has achieved prominence due to its selection as the new military service pistol, as well as a growing number of police departments across the country. That’s no surprise, either – the Sig P320 is a very compelling package. Solid ergonomics, military-tested reliability, and a great trigger make the P320 an awesome choice for an all-around pistol. Plus, because the slide is the serialized part, frames can be swapped at will, making the P320 supremely adaptable. Want to add a laser to the gun? Just swap the frame for one with an integrated laser! Available in a few different frame sizes and both with and without optics cuts, there’s a P320 for every job. Check out our selection of P320s here.

The New Kid: Walther PDP


Never heard of the Walther PDP? That’s no surprise, because Walther only released the model this year. But it’s no novice effort: the PDP is just the newest generation of Walther’s semi-auto pistol lineage. An evolution of the already excellent Walther PPQ, the Walther PDP carries over all of what Walther pistols were already known for. That means awesome ergonomics, clever design, and reliable operation. On top of that, the PDP adds new innovations like upgraded slide serrations and triggers, plus optics mounting capabilities, all for a very reasonable price. Check out our inventory of Walther PDP models here.

The Wildcard: IWI Jericho



While IWI is most famous for their Tavor and Galil rifles, they’ve been making pistols for almost as long, with the classic Jericho line of hammer-fired guns having been in production for over twenty years. The Jericho is based on the CZ-75 short recoil system. It features a new frame without finger grooves, adjustable backstraps, Mil-STD 1913 picatinny front rail, new hammer profile, new trigger profile, new thumb safety lever, and Novak Sights all while keeping true to form to IWI’s exceptionally high standards for reliable performance, accuracy and quality construction.

The Jericho features a frame mounted safety enabling “condition one” cocked and locked carry with single action function or hammer down double action function.

Check out our selection of Jerichos here.


The Enthusiasts Choice: CZ P-10C


Love your Glock, but want to try something different? Feel like there’s something missing from every pistol you try? Maybe the CZ P-10 is right for you. The P-10 is manufactured by CZ, who also make the awesome Bren rifle and Scorpion carbine. Featuring a steeper grip angle totally unlike most other pistols and an excellent trigger with a short reset,  the CZ P-10 might be the rush of fresh air you’ve been looking for. Available in compact and full-size models, the P-10 is an awesome choice for those looking to step out of their comfort zone. Check out our lineup of CZ P-10 models here.


The Oddball: The Steyr M9 Series


Last, but definitely not least, is the Steyr M9 and C9. Steyr has made this series of funky pistols for a while, and while some of their features are a little divisive, there’s definitely a very dedicated fanbase for these pistols. Steyr pistols have some of the steepest grip angles in the business, which many find to help pointing the gun instinctively, and the unique “trapezoidal” triangular sights are perfect for quick target acquisition. If you’re unsatisfied with the other guns on the market, give the Steyrs a look. Check out our inventory of Steyr pistols here, and watch our first impression video here.


No matter what, you can’t go wrong with any of these pistols. All of them are reliable, easy to use, and versatile pistols, and all are backed by big companies and strong warranties. So, whether you’re looking to pick up your first handgun, your first non-Glock gun, or just another handgun, all of these are great choices. 

Which one did we leave out?

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