Kalashnikov KS12 Tactical Shotgun Review

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 11/18/21

In case you’re looking for a hunting or sport-shooting firearm, you might want to take a look at the Kalashnikov USA KS12 12-gauge shotgun. It is also a great tool for home protection and to use against pests.

But before getting the Kalashnikov KS12 online or from your local gun store, read this Kalashnikov USA TS-12T review to see some features and other details to expect from the shotgun. With that being said, let’s dive in.

Kalashnikov KS12 Side Folding Stock Tactical Shotgun 12 Ga KS-12TSFS


Design and Build 

The USA Kalashnikov TS-12T comes with a 6-position M4 style collapsible buttstock, which when fully extended makes the total length of the gun come to 42.5 inches. You’ll be getting a 38.5 inches gun when the stock is depressed. Now we have to mention that you could choose from different stock options when ordering from some outlets, including the factory.

Before moving on, keep in mind that the USA Kalashnikov TS-12T shotgun is designed on the AK system and based on the Russian Saiga series. What that means is you have a shotgun with AK-47 like controls and that is compatible with standard Saiga accessories.

komrad ks12 shotgun

Kalashnokov Komrad “The Short KS12”

The Kalashnikov KS12 shotgun features QD dots and three Picatinny rails – one on each side and the other underneath the handguard. The standard handguard it comes with is made of polymer but you can order one of a metal design. The barrel is 18.5 inches long and comes right out of the box with a flash hider, which you can replace with any other compatible muzzle device.

The lower receiver of the KS12 shotgun features an adjustable pistol grip, standard AK charging handle, and AK safety. One thing worth mentioning about the safety feature is it has a little notch that helps keep the bolt open.

Regarding handling, the US Kalashnikov KS12 shotgun comes with a standard adjustable pistol grip with a rubberized coating that is comfortable to grasp and shoot with. 

Keep in mind that you can switch out most parts of the firearm, including drums, magazines, muzzle devices and chokes, and replace them with those of Saiga parts since both platforms are compatible.

12 Gauge Shotgun Ammo


Magazine and Ammunition

The Kalashnikov USA TS-12T ships with two 10-round magazines and features a paddle mag release placed in the standard position as your AK-47. For more mag capacity, you can buy any of the Saiga 30 or 50 round magazines. But using a mag size of even 30 rounds can be impractical since the weight of the mag, whether loaded or not, would make the gun cumbersome. So you call the shots!

Regarding ammo, Kalashnikov USA recommends shooting heavy recoil loads such as buckshot and magnum slug with High gas regulator setting while using Low setting for lower recoil loads such as target loads or light birdshot. In case you’re wondering, the shotgun comes with an adjustable two-position gas system for durability reasons just like the Saiga-12.

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Compared to many firearms of its caliber, the Kalashnikov KS12 has a lower recoil so it won’t bum your shoulder too much. Felt recoil will also be dependent on the loads and gas regulator setting that you’re shooting with.

ks12 tactical


The Kalashnikov KS 12 Tactical  is built on a proven platform. It is made in the USA with the popular Russian design. You can adjust the long stroke gas system to shoot any load. It is extremely reliable even in harsh conditions.

For collectors and hunters, the KS12 would be a shotgun option worth adding to collection or using for hunting.

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Do you have one of the Kalashnikov KS12 shotguns in your arsenal or are you planning to buy one? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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