Kalashnikov USA KP9 9mm - Best AK9? Review

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 06/25/21

The Kalashnikov KP9 9mm firearm is produced in the United States by Kalashnikov USA - a subsidiary of Kalashnikov Russia. In case you’re familiar with or have come across the PP-19 Vityaz Russian submachine gun, this Kalashnikov KP9 9mm is a lookalike and based off of the submachine gun. Both have almost everything in common except that the US KP9 is a semi-automatic firearm, not a full-automatic like the Vityaz submachine gun.

With that said, this Kalashnikov USA KP9 9mm review will take a look at the design and build, accessories, magazine, and some other details of the Kalashnikov KP9 9mm firearm. If you’re set, we’re ready too!

Design and Build

The Kalashnikov USA KP9 has a weight of 6.38 pounds. With the brace folded or removed, the gun measures 18 inches, while it’s 28 inches in length with the brace extension attached and extended. Going with this measurement, the USA KP9 is a compact firearm.

The KP9 firearm comes with a muzzle brake device that helps in suppressing recoil, and it’s very effective. If you wish, you can pull out the break and replace it with a muzzle suppressor or any other muzzle device that can fit 1/2-28 muzzle threading.

The barrel length of this KP9 firearm is 9.25 inches, meaning it’s a pistol. For the Russian Vityaz submachine gun, that one has a 9.3inches barrel length, a very slight difference of .5 inches.

Other things worth touching upon about the gun include its great black matte finish and smooth grip that can be replaced with any  one of the AK grips.


The Kalashnikov USA KP9 comes with a brace. You can order a version without the brace at a lower price. As mentioned earlier, the KP9 is a clone of the Vityaz submachine gun made in 2004. Actually, it is the closest you can at least for the time being get to the Vityaz. Both guns share almost the same accessories and you can switch things around between them.

The KP9 even features some things that were upgrades from the Vityaz. For example, the dust cover which had crack issues in the Vityaz had been fixed in newer models of the USA KP9. 

Magazine and Ammunition

The Kalashnikov KP9 comes with a 30-round magazine. You can actually get it in 10 rounds as well if that’s what you prefer or need. You can get these mags from gun shops at about $40-$50. It’s worth mentioning that the Kalashnikov KP9 pistol uses the same magazine as the Vityaz submachine gun.


You can take the KP9 pistol down the range with SIG Sauer 147 V-Crown JHP, Liberty 50 grain Civil Defense JHP +P, Federal 124 grain HST +P, or any other type of 9mm ammo. 


One of the things about this firearm worth loving is that it’s a soft shooter firearm.  The recoil is little to almost nothing. The recoil management of the gun makes it a lot more fun to shoot with. New, female, short, and even seasoned shooters will find this usable and comfortable. You can get it for a home defense weapon or car gun.


Sharing lots of features and accessories with the Russian Vityaz submachine gun, the Kalashnikov USA KP9 9mm is based off and the closest you’re going to get to the Russian Vityaz. Have you ever shot the KP9 at a range or would love to someday? Let us know in the comments.

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