Zastava Arms USA Addresses Weapon Export Ban Concerns

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 07/11/23

In a recent Facebook post, Zastava Arms USA, the renowned firearms manufacturer, has responded to the concerns raised by its valued customers regarding the weapon export ban imposed by the Serbian government. The post addresses the uncertainty surrounding the exports of ZPAP firearms and provides insight into the situation from the company's perspective.

Reassuring Customers Amid Uncertainty

Zastava Arms USA begins the post by acknowledging the news of the weapon export ban and empathizing with its customers who have sought clarification on the potential impact on ZPAP firearm exports. They assure their customers that they have not received official notice from the Zastava Arms factory regarding the ban. Consequently, they cannot confirm whether the ZPAP exports will be affected.

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Ownership and Focus

The post sheds light on an important aspect of Zastava Arms, explaining that the Ministry of Defense owns the factory and primarily caters to the needs of the Serbian military. This ownership structure and focus on military requirements further contribute to the uncertainty surrounding potential impacts on civilian firearm exports.


Commitment to Peace and Community

Zastava Arms USA expresses its hope for a peaceful resolution of the security situation in the region. They emphasize their belief that peace is in the best interest of all people in the Balkans. This sentiment reflects their commitment to the well-being of their customers, the community, and the region.


Continued Operations

Zastava Arms USA states, "We cannot confirm whether the ZPAP exports will be affected." As a local gun shop (LGS), we have seen most of the supply in distribution drying up within the last few days. One distributor said they sold all their Zastava inventory the day Serbia announced the ban. And another sold out of Serbian 7.62x39 ammo. According to some product is still available for gun shops to buy. But Zastava items could be hard to get for the foreseeable future.


Appreciation for Support

The post concludes with a heartfelt expression of gratitude to their customers for their ongoing support and trust in Zastava Arms USA's products and services. This acknowledgment reinforces the importance of the customer relationship and signifies the company's commitment to providing quality firearms and support.



Zastava Arms USA's response to the weapon export ban concerns in their Facebook post demonstrates their dedication to addressing customer worries and providing information within the limitations of the current situation. By expressing their commitment to peace and continued support for their customers and the community, Zastava Arms USA strives to maintain trust and confidence during a period of uncertainty. As developments unfold, customers will undoubtedly look to Zastava Arms USA for further updates, and the company's transparency and engagement will be vital in maintaining its valued relationship with customers and the broader community.

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